Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A few of my favorite things

No, I'm not a Julie Andrews freak. I mean, I'd probably lose my mind if I met her, but I'm not a total freak. There have been a few things I've fallen for at first site. This pic includes the two I've fallen hardest for. MINIs & my husband (not necessarily in that order).

Wedding Limo

Taken on our wedding day. That's my sister's MINI. Her husband bought it for her for her birthday a couple of years ago. Nice husband, but her MINI isn't as nice as mine. Even if she feels the same way about hers that I do about mine.

Picture 006

MINIs have taken me to Tennessee:

Heading back


Picture 004




Donegal, 2007

Even over to England for a curry:

Gone to London for a Curry

But the best place a MINI ever took me:

Going to the Rec Center

When I reflect on it, was to my wedding:

Reflections of

It brought new light into my life:

Shadows & Relections

It made me weepy:

Yep, it's real

It made me want to dance:

I feel like dancing, yeah

Stop and smell the flowers:

Stop & smell the flowers

Most of all, the best MINI ride I ever took, made me want to stay with Steve until I'm old and gray:

Can I have this dance?

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