Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ten Minute Time Management

Two wake up calls, ten minutes apart, to get her out of bed and into her robe.

10 Minutes for her to use the bathroom, then 10 Minutes to take her pills.

Breakfast is yogurt and oatmeal.  10 Minutes, followed by a banana and coffee.  10 Minutes.

Each section of the newspaper takes ten Minutes.

It takes ten minutes to convince her it’s a shower day, followed by ten more minutes using the bathroom.

The next ten minutes are dedicated to getting undressed and into the shower.

Taking a shower is another 10 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of drying off and doing her hair.

It takes ten minutes to put on her bracelets, watch and clothes.

Eight minutes reviewing all of the above, so that she’ll spend two minutes brushing her teeth.

Time management, alzheimer’s style.

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