Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's real

I'm home from work today, with either a reaction to a medication or man-flu. Temp of 102 last night, nausea, aches, gastro-intestinal upset (at both ends, no less).

Maybe I'm sharing too much.

Anyway, Stacey from Steve's doctor's office just called. I went looking for him, having forgotten he'd gone across the street to talk with one of the neighbors.

"Just a second, let me see if I can find him."

I looked the house and out into the back yard, then asked Mom if she'd seen Steve. No luck. I asked Stacey why she was calling, she responded with "Who am I speaking to?"

"His husband," I replied.

"Is this James? I can leave the message with you. Tell Steve his prescription has been phoned in."

Sometimes it's the little things that tell you it's real.

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