Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sometimes, it's all good

I've been a little busy this week. Last night I was at the Vince Gill concert (that man can sing!), Monday & tonight, I was at the No on Prop 8 San Diego headquarters, doing data entry re: volunteer scheduling for the few remaining days until the election. I was entering sign up sheets & noticed that the last 1/2 of the night I was entering faith-based volunteers.

It reminded me that not all religious folk are for Prop 8. The entries I made included volunteers from the Metropolitan Community, Methodist, Unitarian, and Episcopal churches. Thank God for them. In a weird way, they, and the volunteers I worked with tonight are restoring my faith in the common decency of everyday Californians. The Yes On 8 campaign has been pretty ugly what with exploitation of children that's been going on and the blackmail attempts. It wasn't a gay exclusive crowd, either: there were all sorts of people there--gay, straight, black, hispanic, white, kids, grandparents--all of them concerned for the future of California. All of them convinced that Prop 8 is wrong and unfair. I take comfort in knowing that there are people out there that get it.

I take even more comfort knowing I have the support of a loving family as Steven & I set out on our married life together. Take a look at the pictures--the wedding party officially included both of my brothers and two each of my nieces and nephews (my youngest niece was an unofficial member of the party.) I've lost count of the number of kids my siblings have generated, but there's two more on the way--one is due next month, and just today, I found out there's another due in June. This time next year, I think the count will be 15. I have hope for their futures, and pray that all of them will be free to marry the spouse of their dreams, just like their uncles did. By voting No on Prop 8 next Tuesday, you'll help ensure that choice.


  1. Good Luck,

    I sent my $25 to stop proposition 8. Too bad I can't vote no for you.

  2. Thanks, Bill! Every dollar helps.